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Vida Divina Products are one-of-a-kind! Te Divina Cleansing Tea is 100% certified organic, all natural, caffeine-free herbal tea made with 12-powerful herbs including the two most powerful medicinal mushrooms, Ganoderma Lucidum and Chaga. This tea is formulated to effectively cleanse, detoxify and repair the balance to the entire body. Moreover, this tea is more effective than the popular Chinese Green Tea. Furthermore, using Te Divina Cleansing Tea will cleanse your colon resulting in weight loss of 7 or more pounds in just the first 7 days. Therefore, making this tea the perfect kick-start to any weight-loss plan!

Vida Divina’s Te Divina Cleansing Tea is also rich in antioxidants being that it is made with the highest quality herbs and produce fast, effective results that no other company has been able to copy.  Due to the nutritional cleansing process, Te Divina Cleansing Tea provides the body with much needed nutrients to ensure the balance and restoration of the body’s natural, healthy state. In addition, regular use of this powerful herbal tea blend achieves optimum health. Including, ideal body weight along with improved digestion, increase of energy and improved memory. Are you eager to remove the parasites, intestinal worms and sludge?  Do you need to regulate your blood sugar, blood pressure and cholesterol? Te Divina Cleansing Tea is exactly what you need!




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Safely restore your body's natural vitality so you can lose weight, enjoy more energy, get back to eating & feeling healthy. Your health is important, so what are you waiting for?

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